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Business Communications


Business Group




Letter Parts, Formats and Styles

Parts of the business letter


Address information of the sender

Company Name, address, phone and fax numbers


Date letter was written

Inside Address

Address of receiver of letter


Dear (title, name of receiver):

Body of letter

Several relatively short paragraphs are typical.

Complimentary close

Typically: Sincerely, Best regards,


Handwritten signature, above typed name

Identifying Initials

Writer's initial : Secretrary's initials

Letter Format Styles

Full Block

All letter parts use left justification


All parts left justified except the dateline, complimentary close, and the signature line. The dateline is right-justified. The complimentary close and the signature line are typed to the right of the horizontal center of the page.


The style uses left justification of the inside address and salutation, and indentation of the first line of each paragraph. The dateline is right justified. Complimentary close and signature line are typed to the right of the horizontal center.