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Block Format

The identifying feature of the block style letter is the left justification of all structural parts of the letter except for the following:

  • the dateline
  • the complimentary close
  • the signature line.

The dateline is placed to the righ of centert, and may be moved to coordinate with the letterhead. The complimentary close and the signature line are typed to the right of the horizontal center of the page. Use the exercise that follows to explore block letter style formatting.

Click on the numbered items to go to the corresponding part in the letter below
  1. Heading
  2. Date line
  3. Inside address
  4. The salutation
  5. The body
  6. Complimentary closing
  7. Signature
  8. Typed name
  9. Title
  10. Additional information

XYZ COMMCO INC.[1| Return]
111 Any Street -- San Francisco, CA 94118 -- (415) 221-1212

May 22, 2005 [2 | Return]

Mr. John Smith [3| Return]
XYZ Company
123 Anything Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94115

Dear Mr. Smith: [4| Return]

Blah blah blah. With the block letter style each paragraph begins on the left margin. Some more important information continues in the first paragraph for two to four sentences. [5| Return]

Blah blah blah. Between paragraphs there is additional line space indicating a new paragraph. As before, this paragraph begins at the left margin, as do , receiver’s address, salutation., and additional information. However, the date of composition, complimentary close, sender’s name, and title are placed right of center. This makes the block style both functional and a bit more stylized in composition. [5| Return]

Sincerely yours, [6| Return]

Terry or Terry D. Sender(signed) [7| Return]

Terry D. Sender [8| Return]

Project Manager [9| Return]

TDS:YS [10| Return]
CC: A. Receiver, B. Receiver

letter thumbnail For a printable version of this letter click here for Word or here for pdf