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Final Project: Business Communications Formats


NOTE: Your resume is your presentation of your educatlion, experience, special qualifications, and those elements that you consider your best match with the position you seek Formats for text, html, print should be considered as you develop your "best foot forward" into the competitive world of gainful employment.


Business Group

Your resume is your "life story" without the story -- just the facts, please -- as positively as you can present them.

like your life story, your resume is uniquely yours, although there are many common themes and necessary ingredients to include. They may be arranged chronologically or functionally or in any consistent manner suitable to the situation.

These are seven categories of basic items to include on your reslume:

  1. Contact information: your name, address, phone number, e-mail address

  2. Education: degrees and accomplishments -- relevant courses, GPA, noteworthy projects and major studies.

  3. Work experience: positions, duties, achievements

  4. Special skills

  5. Personal interests

  6. Community activities

  7. References information

For information on resumes, check the following:


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